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Healaugh Loop

Copmanthorpe - Healaugh - Catterton - Bilbrough - Copmanthorpe

A 10 mile loop along quiet, gently rolling roads.

Take School Lane and Manor Heath all the way up to the flyover junction. Take a right turn and over the A64 and leave on the roundabout on the first exit (to Askham Bryan).

Note: The crossing of the A64 can be done on the cycle paths if you do not feel confident on busy roads. Join the path just before the bus stop and cross Manor Health at the junction. Cross the A64 on the Copmanthorpe side of the bride and then Cross over the road near the roundabout. Next cross the slip road from the A64 and then follow the road to the left of the water tower, re join the road at a point you feel is safe.

Cycle down the hill passed the entrance to Askham Bryan College of Agriculture. At the bottom turn left following the sign for Askham Richard.

Follow this road for nearly 4 miles until you reach Healaugh. As you arrive in the village take the Sharp left turn and enjoy the pleasant hedge lined road over the small hill. At the bottom of the hill you take a sharp right bend and 200 yards later you pass through the small village of Catterton.

Cycle along the long straight road towards Bilbrough. The road gradually gets steeper and by the time you reach the Village you find that you are actually cycling up a reasonable little hill, that said the hill is only a 30 meter rise in all.

Carry on straight through Bilbrough along Back Lane. At the T junction turn left, the road takes an immediate right and then runs down to the Buckles Inn. Join the cycle path on the A64, heading in the same direction as the traffic. When you reach the flyover junction re-trace your path back to the Village Centre.

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You can print this page as a guide to the ride, but if you think it's a bit too verbose for reading on the move then you may prefer a simple list of instructions.

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